Saturday, February 18, 2006

Enter: 2006

The frayed wires interspersing the surface of ny brains crackle in retaliation to technicoloured events and synthetic material.
Now I'm using the internet. I just spawned this digital journal out on the magnetic strips of some supercomputer databank in Taipei or Bruxelles or the googledotcom orbital spy satelite. Or however the fuck this stuff works. The picture is of me.
This week I got new cdjs, which I'm beyond excited over. I also joined a message board to check what all this zany inter-befriending is about. And now the 'blog.' I like to go through jilted, racing modernizations from time to time - just to see how the other side live, you see. Now the impending AI hidden in all these emergent, technological phenomena can have a flash of my personality to go with all the credit reciepts, letters to the editor, adresses, shots of me at raves, applications, surveillance profiles, border crossings and plane tickets jumbled up out there under the heading: tom.
The music program's random setting has picked out the 'like i give a fuck'(Pardon My Freedom) song for the third time today.
So, Mr. Internet, thanks for the blog space, and nice to meet you, and perhaps we'll be seeing more of each other.