Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Strange Week

In my continuing adventures in self destruction, this week I managed to expose three undercover cops, visciously anger an entire collective's worth of rave hippies on trust funds from their Montmartre parents, quit my job, and acquire a virus that is only shades inferior to bird flu. I think that thing on my foot might actually be gangreene, too. Oh well, such are the trials and tribulations of garnering a paystub in these worrisome post-post-modern times. By the way, my party was insane. Popular belief has it at awesome, but I personally had a terrible time. Maybe giving away free booze at a party mysteriously overrun by yayo smellers isn't the pro-life choice. Go figure.
No track posting today because my media host is slow a..s....s......h...........i........................t
But I recently became aware of Belgian Soulwax's companion albums 'Any Minute Now' and 'Nite Versions', which are like a chainsaw grinding through your head while you dance. The electro-noise festival is this weekend, so I'm preparing myself for further headaches. And I also learned that MSTRKRFT is playing the SAT soon. Yay!